With the countdown until Christmas on, you might be looking for a cozy little escape with your love. Blush is pleased to present our first ever “Best Movie Wedding Scenes of all Time” list. Thank you Emily M 🙂

So light a fire, pop some popcorn, and hunker down for some serious wedding scene entertainment. (Oh, and if you have a scene that you think should be added to our best ever list, please let us know!)

Father of the Bride

The 1990s remake with Steve Martin was just as funny and sweet as the original 1950s rendition with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor.  The wedding doesn’t come until the very end, but the build-up is so witty and enjoyable!

The Princess Bride

The lovely Princess Buttercup and her darling Wesley. Oh, it makes my heart melt. After believing her One True Love has been murdered she agrees to marry the awful Prince Humperdink. Then, the Dread Pirate Roberts comes to steal her away and, lo and behold, it turns out to be her forever sweetheart Wesley! Swoon times a million.

Love, Actually

Full of loves ups and downs, but in the end a charming movie about friendship and doing what feels right! We especially love the choir version of ‘All You Need is Love’ at the end of the movie.

Pride and Prejudice

For Jane Austen purists the BBC version is the ONLY version of this classic. We get to see Colin Firth in a wet shirt, which you really can’t beat. And in the end a double wedding! Jane and Elizabeth both marry their loves. Oh, pass me a tissue (and another biscuit)

The Sound of Music

Well, not strictly wedding central, but it’s a brilliant romp! And when Julie Andrews says ‘I Do’ to Von Trapp everything is just perfect.